"The most helpful aspect of the program was the fact it was with an independent, third-party individual and not with someone in the firm. I was more open with stories and frustrations, which allowed for more discussion on how to resolve or work with the issues I was facing. I also thought it was helpful to work with a woman coach -- I'm not so sure that I would have been as comfortable with a man. I felt like Carolyn was more in tune with the challenges women face in the work force and had approaches that a man may not have come up with."

- Partner, Immigration

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Are you an effective leader or just a “good enough” leader?

Effective leaders can drive profitability and strategic results, cultivate collaboration and innovation and develop the skills of the people around them. Whether you currently hold a leadership role, or aspire to one, Sklar & Associates will help you develop the skills you need to be a great leader.

For individuals seeking to enhance leadership skills, leadership development coaching with Sklar & Associates will help you:

  • Develop critical leadership competencies for leading and managing change
  • Create a purpose-driven development plan that allows you to achieve your goals
  • Create strategic alignment between your leadership goals and firm goals
  • Identify your strengths so that you can use them to drive results and cultivate team collaboration
  • Similarly, identify your weaknesses and help find ways to address them, delegate them, or work around them to achieve desired results
  • Create simple and realistic action steps to work your plan
  • Set benchmarks and accountability measures to keep you moving forward and on track
  • Boost your confidence, and in turn, enhance your firm or practice group’s creativity, innovation and satisfaction
  • Enhance your performance and productivity along with your practice group, ultimately impacting the firm’s bottom line

Consultation for Law Firm Human Resource, Marketing and Talent Development Professionals.

Sklar & Associates partners with human resources, marketing and talent development professionals to enhance leadership skills and to strategically align functional activities with law firm goals. Working together, we will develop strategies for cultivating the leadership skills you need to take your performance to the next level and to drive targeted business results.